Alex Kosh

Alex Kosh was born on April 15 1983 in Moscow. A blacksmith by trade, he’s spent the last 18 years working as a programmer, the last ten of which as a freelancer. Alex isn’t cut out for the office grind: he’d rather stay at home within the reach of his fridge, his culinary skills only outmatched by his hearty appetite.

Alex has been a keen athlete all his life. He’s an avid free runner accomplished at acrobatics, and he’s been known to have run a marathon in under four hours. By now, he’s started taking life a bit more seriously and switched to heavy weight lifting, such as bench pressing 375 lbs. He’s always been dreaming of completing an Iron Man triathlon but his swimming skills aren’t up to scratch and he’s too lazy to train. To compensate, he practices equilibristics and can already do one-arm handstand. Alex neither drinks nor smokes and he doesn’t cuss even when he stubs his toe on the bed post.

He likes playing board games, Dota and all kinds of MMORPGs. He also moonlights as a game script writer, planning to get his foot in the industry door.


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