Alexey Svadkovsky

Every author’s writing journey is unique. Alexey’s began with enormous bookcases in his childhood home, stacked up high with thousands of tomes. For the sickly young child, those books became his guide to the outside world, freeing him from the confinement of his nursery. They took him on journeys to hundreds of amazing countries and worlds, allowing him to love and hate, attack pirate ships and save damsels in distress.

Before he knew it, Alexey began to elaborate on his favorite stories, playing out new plotlines in his head. How would the book’s heroes react to the arrival of a new character? What would his or her story be like? Who would they become - a warrior, a wizard or a pirate? Such an incredibly enthralling pursuit, which offered so many new adventures and opportunities: to rescue and escape, to fight and to hunt for adventures, all the while coming up with all kinds of dialogues. What a chance to flee reality to a different world where you can be whatever you’d like to be!

Later on, life predictably interfered. Alexey now had new commitments to his job and his family, which steered his own story into the old predictable rut. Still, somewhere deep down in his heart, the little boy he’d once been continued to dream up his tales, plot after elaborate plot, until they refused to fit in his head and poured out onto book pages. His first tentative attempt at a short story was followed by another - until, met with his readers’ first positive reactions, Alexey plucked up enough courage to embark on his first novel.

The rest was history. And now, just like all those years back, Alexey is inviting you to join him on the adventurous journey across the pages of his own books...


The road is always rife wit


Innumerable worlds have bee