Kir Lukovkin

Kir Lukovkin was born in the city of Baku: the capital of Azerbaijan. His parents moved to Russia in 1990 where he still lives in the city of Ulyanovsk. In 2007, Kir finally decided on his choice of future profession, entering the law faculty of the Ulyanovsk State Teachers' University. He still holds his full-time job as a college teacher.

Still, Kir's passion to tell stories was his strongest ambition. He spent all his spare time writing until one of his short stories, Special Offer, was accepted by Russia's leading science fiction magazine Realnost Fantastiki. Kir finds his inspiration in all speculative genres, as well as thrillers and dark fiction. He's been published by Russia's finest speculative fiction magazines such as Mlechny Put, Edita and the webzine DARKER.

Finally, Kir wrote his first novel which won a writing contest held by EKSMO: Russia's biggest publishing house. The URANUS Code - the first novel of his Citadel World series - was published in Russia in 2016. Its English translation is now available on Amazon. The whole Citadel World series will be translated into English shortly. 


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