Marina Surzhevskaya

Marina Surzhevskaya is ranked as the most popular author of romantic fantasy at LitRes, Russia’s largest bookselling portal and leader of Russia’s ebook market. Her works are eagerly awaited both as ebooks and in paperback form, as well as in audio.

Marina grew up surrounded by the austere treasures of Norse myths and legends. Over time, she realized she’d amassed so many stories of her own that she had to write them all down. Marina has a penchant for less-than-perfect characters in the firm belief that only they are capable of coming alive.

The author spends most of her time in St Petersburg where she studies art and history. The rest of her life is dedicated to her travels – both around the real world and through fictional ones. Although she doesn’t like talking about herself, you’re most likely to find her in small cafes looking out over the River Neva in the company of her laptop, a cup of piping hot coffee and an imaginary crowd of her characters.


Unweit der zivilisierten We


For centuries, the civilized hi-tech world of the Confederation has existed alongside the uncharted lands where no man has