Roman Prokofiev

Roman Prokofiev is a bestselling Russian author of LitRPG, Gamelit and cyberpunk.

Roman started writing at an early age, inspired by fantasy classics such as J.R.R.Tolkien, Robert Jordan and Glen Cook. These days, he can’t remember what he’s done with those first tentative drafts - and in any case, they can’t have been that brilliant because Roman moved on, focusing on his studies, starting a family and running his own business.

Still, he always remained a passionate gamer and a voracious reader of fantasy. That’s why the genre of LitRPG struck a chord with him: Roman couldn’t help comparing his early writing to the bestselling works in the genre until one day, he decided to try his hand at LitRPG too.

Back in Russia, his very first books immediately became popular with readers, topping book charts, and were promptly released in paperback and audio by Russia’s leading traditional publishers.

Roman loves nothing better than to come up with an exciting story. So if you prefer heroes who wander off the beaten track to face breakneck adventures in original and well-crafted worlds, Roman Prokofiev’s books offer you a chance to indulge.


Every survivor dreams of one day making it to the City.


What’s this book about?


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