Vova Bo

Vova Bo was born on July 14 1989 into a family of doctors; he also has an older sister.

When he turned 16, he graduated from the local Polytechnic Lyceum and left the city to enter the Academy of Economic Security, then did a short stretch with the tax police until his resignation in 2013.

For the following two years, he worked as a commercial director for a fast food chain where he was in charge of a section of five restaurants, after which he decided to strike out on his own, becoming a freelance consultant tasked with setting up a number of coffee shops. He celebrated the opening of his 25th business just as the pandemic struck, forcing him to abandon this line of work.

Stuck at home during the lockdown, he decided to try his hand at writing. Surprisingly, it worked so well that his debut novel, Rorkh, won him the 2021 LitRPG contest organized by Magic Dome Books and 1C-Publishing at the literary portal Author.today.


Arch’s meeting with Prime h


The dehunters have gotten what they came for, and - finally - they've left our hero alone.


New runs, new monsters, new threats and Dark Gods, but along with them come new comrades and new mentors.


Winner of the 2021 literary