About Authors

Sherrie L.

I’m a mom of a two-year-old living with my family in a lovely little cottage in France, Europe. The place is very peaceful and calm, with unique views and an amazing climate. We have a cat who is a big philosopher and loves to sleep on the sun-drenched lawn in the front yard.

Dem Mikhailov

Dem Mikhailov was born on November 23 1979 in the ex-Soviet city of Zarafshan (the Republic of Uzbekistan). His natural aptitude for science and technology decided his initial career choice, prompting him to enter the local industrial college. Upon graduation, he worked in the mining industry specializing in separation and beneficiation of metals.

Video interviews

Interview with LiRPG genre authors (RosCon 2015)

Dmitriy Rus, Vasiliy Mahanenko, Alex Kosh, Alexey Bobl and Dem Mihajlov