About Authors

Kaitlyn Weiss

Kaitlyn Weiss creates fantasy and romance novels which feature strong heroines and bold heroes.

She lives in Southern Alberta with her husband, son, and two crazy cats.

She loves summer nights,  felines, and red wine. Kaitlyn also believes in fairies and magical worlds.

Andrew Novak

Andrew Novak was born in 1971 in the vicinity of the city of Chernobyl which was soon to become tragically famous due to the nuclear disaster that turned part of the Ukraine into one large dead zone. Andrew drew on his childhood impressions of the catastrophe later in his writings. He was one of the original creators of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Video interviews

Interview with LiRPG genre authors (RosCon 2015)

Dmitriy Rus, Vasiliy Mahanenko, Alex Kosh, Alexey Bobl and Dem Mihajlov