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Sherrie L.

I’m a mom of a two-year-old living with my family in a lovely little cottage in France, Europe. The place is very peaceful and calm, with unique views and an amazing climate. We have a cat who is a big philosopher and loves to sleep on the sun-drenched lawn in the front yard.

Andrei Livadny

Andrei Livadny is a popular Russian science fiction author. Born on May 27 1969 in the city of Pskov, he was an avid reader from an early age. But it was the Russian translation of Robert A. Heinlein's The Orphans of the Sky that decided his choice of future occupation. The story has become a pivotal moment in the boy's life, leaving a lasting impression on him.

Video interviews

Interview with LiRPG genre authors (RosCon 2015)

Dmitriy Rus, Vasiliy Mahanenko, Alex Kosh, Alexey Bobl and Dem Mihajlov