(book #6)
Status: released

Aces High

Michael Atamanov

To be on a starship that’s just sustained serious damage in a space battle including losing its thrusters and find yourself in a totally different galaxy... You might think that would be cause for panic or, at the very least, despondency, right? Not at all! Gnat maintains optimism, gradually gets his space frigate back in working order and even finds upsides to what happened.

On top of that, there's never a dull moment – both in the virtual game and the real world Gnat finds himself at the very epicenter of the great space-faring races’ interests, though he does not understand why they’re paying him such close attention. And add to that the fact that humanity's Geckho suzerains are also in a tight spot and demanding all their vassals institute a military draft then send their assembled forces out to fight a distant space war.

Will Gnat be able to play his part in this complicated diplomatic party with the future of the entire human race at stake? Find out in Book Six of Reality Benders!



Reality Benders remains the wonderful scifi LitRPG series I have come to know and love. With many LitRPG tales set in a fantasy setting and a few set in high tech settings, Reality Benders is a wonderful fusion of Magic and technology, Orcs, centaur, and harpies, coupled with high tech alien space faring civilizations. You get great character development and complex situations. All 6 books each contribute to this exciting and expanding universe and I cannot wait to read books 7 through 12 just as soon as they are available. This author is definitely one that you should mark as "Follow"!


I grew up in the 80’s so I love shows like A-team, Buck Rogers, KnightRider, Air-Wolf etc. This series is a great read, moves fast and doesn’t bog down with a lot of weight. It’s writing is better than most of the 80’s stuff I loved but retains the certainty of purpose that made those shows fun. It seems black and white in simplicity on the surface but is very deep and colorful as you dive deeper. It doesn’t preach at you, it doesn’t talk down to you, it simply is fun and entertaining. I eagerly await book 7.


Of all the Litrpg books, this series is perhaps my favorite. The hero Gnat is a combination of good-hearted, smart, and quick thinking and the same time scheming, fiendish and deadly. The series is always exciting and often funny and worth reading multiple times. Book 6 answers many of the questions brought up earlier in the series, like who betrayed the Russian Faction and What about Fox and her character after learning about her history in Book 5. Great read!


This series is one of my favorites. I re-read the whole series when this book came out and I think one of my favorite aspects of this series is that the hero doesn't just suddenly become super powerful. He slowly levels up. As the enemies become more dangerous (and his levels remain low in comparison) he develops better tactics. This book (without spoiling anything) has several scenes of great tactics (that don't involve psionics).

Aaron Hicks

Wow, this one was a hard to put down. So much going on, plenty of world building with some great back story and really good new characters. Easily top 5 best litrpg out right now. I can't wait for the next book.

C. A.