(book #2)
Status: released

Apostle of the Sleeping Gods

Dan Sugralinov
Your parents are getting divorced. Now, once you turn sixteen, you'll be doomed to a pitiful existence on the lowest rungs of society. The neighbor girl got plastic surgery for your sake and is levelling fast to impress you. A Sleeping God gave you its power, but now demands absolute loyalty and obedience even in real life. Something called the Destroying Plague wants its Emissary to infect everyone alive and, as luck would have it, that Emissary is you! But the city sees you as its salvation, not a cause of great suffering...

Scyth aka Alex is a potential Class-A threat to the whole world of Disgardium. That's how the system classifies imba players with an unfair advantage.

However, it is hard to threaten the world while you're stuck levelling up in noob town. It's even harder when all the preventer clans are on the verge of announcing a hunt for you and even your best friends can't be trusted, all while your two patron gods tear you apart from the inside. And now, to make matters worse, your biggest enemy has just become a threat as well.

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First, the author nerfed the over-powered "always" win power that let the weak protagonist beat everyone.
Second, the author made the character continue with the clearly and obviously evil path that he is set upon, without having the protagonist realize that he is the bad guy. In my opinion, this is the best "evil protagonist' story I have read, in part because the protagonist does not quite understand how evil he is. He thinks he is just a guy trying to make in the world, which I suspect is how most real life evil people think.

A. Coleman

I liked book 1, but I like book 2 even more. It’s likely because the beginning gets to the MMO adventuring alot more quickly. But it’s also because I found myself genuinely surprised by several story turns. A few of the OP powers shift a little, but it maintains that slice of life OP adventure without getting boring. I’m looking forward to seeing where book 3 goes. 7.8 out of 10.


If you have enjoyed Dan Sugralinov's previous novel in the series you will definitely need to read this book. The MC is well written, over the course of this first and second book he undergoes alot of personal growth, makes a few dumb mistakes, learns from that and improves, makes new friends (and enemies) and figures out how to maintain old friendships. There is plenty of well written fights and new locations, its good to see that the MC recognises his own shortcomings and his friends and clanmates help cover them. While this MC is OP, that is the premise of the story and plenty of players and threats in the game provide more than enough tension to make all the MC and his friends achievements feel well earned. There is a couple of very minor editing errors, but nothing that breaks immersion or flow of the novel. The story doesn't get stale and left me wanting more, can't wait for the next installment. 9 out of 10

In Vino Veritas

Man this book was freaking awesome! The characters are well written and the storyline is extremely engaging. It draws the reader in and makes them wanting more. Definitely can’t wait until book three!

Amazon Customer

I’ve really enjoyed the series the writing is top-notch and the character development is well rounded it’s fun and interesting you get to see a little bit of the real world and the RPG world and it’s about a kid struggling with his life through high school.