(book #7)
Status: released


Alexey Osadchuk

The skies of the Dark Continent teem with ravening beasts. Thousands of refugees are at the gates of Foreston seeking salvation from a mysterious scourge.

The Wastes are infested with herds of bloodthirsty necromorphs that devour every living thing in their path. A Dark Gateway has opened in the Stone Forest, allowing a horde of otherworldly monsters to come flooding through.

Adversaries from time immemorial are gathering armies and amassing forces. Ancient enemies are forming alliances. The world of the Great System stands once again on the precipice of change. A new war is coming.

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OP MC, Sooo many charakters with their stories, so many roles and titles. The story builds up to a clamoring finale. Stories are ended, arcs finished and the MC meets enemies more powerful than himself. The book reads as an amalgamation of epic occurrences that form a legend. The expected level of entertainment and easy to read. Great series that might end in the next installment. Very recomendable - as always.


Couldn’t put the book down. Looked up and it was 3 am. Started reading and was immediately hooked and dragged along an instance ride. Amazing story. Read it!!


The best book in the series. Lot happens in this book, things start to heat up on all fronts and I can't wait to read the next book in the series.


I remember when there was just the first book out. It looked interesting but didn’t quite catch my eye. I’m so glad that when there was 2-3 books out that I gave it a shot and started reading them. This story has progressed so much further then I thought it would, when I first read the bio on book 1.


Another romp through action and adventure. The story keeps pushing to expand the cast and scope of the story with larger problems, larger fights, and town building. It is still entertaining, but I noticed that I started to wonder where the series was going as I was reading. Though the English publisher says that there’s only a book or two left in the series. Overall, still a fine read but I’m starting to feel the series drag a little. Score: 7.4 out of 10

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