(book #2)
Status: released

The Architects

Boris Romanovsky

I am Andrew First, Leader of the Architects Clan. We've managed to leave Novosibirsk, where the zombies and mutants are becoming stronger and more numerous by the day. Our goal now is to found our own city. But there are many other groups of survivors besides us, and every one of them wants to get the best spot for itself.

We've fought against zombies, fought against mutants, fought against monsters. Can it really be that now we're going to have to aim these weapons at other people?

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Audiobook will be released June 6, 2023


Very interesting plot development, interesting abilities and characters. I want to know what will happen next. How will they deal with a million hordes of zombies? How will they interact with other human clans? I look forward to continuing! My rating is 10/10


I found the story unique and very interesting and look forward to seeing the next installment of this series of books.


Easy read


The story continues and the writer develops the characters and morals. The book is just as well written as the first, looking forward to the next book.

Micheal Green