(book #5)
Status: released

The Archon

Roman Prokofiev

Attention everyone! This is a directive from Stellar’s serving Grand Legate!
Locate Star Shooter. Eliminate the Daat. Restore the First Legion.
Upon completion, use any means possible to lift the Black Moon Alert!

The Council of the Archons has been overthrown. Prometheus’ final orders have been received. Still, a new menace is about to sweep over the City. Grey sets off for Neo Ark in order to face his old enemy. Or is it a friend? After all, no one really knows who the first Incarnators were or how they ended up on planet Earth.

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The MC continues to grow as a leader. Steady and logical growth with little to no plot armor forcing the narrative or miraculous MC leaps in power. Fantastic character development. Personally would like to see some leaps in power growth to go with the character’s development overall. Very natural and captivating progression and story.


Grey must deal with possible treachery from the City & also from the Possessed while he tries to make the best decisions for humanity. Good book, great series and looking forward to more.


I received an ARC of this book where I looked for issues with the translation from Russian to English. Hopefully all the errors I found are corrected and you can get a stronger enjoyment from reading a really fun story. Problems I can't fix though are a lack of a forward that reminds you of what happened in book one through four. The MC keeps growing and we learn a lot more about the world and why things are the way they are. I still give this a 8/10

Johnny Clark