(book #1)
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Alexey Osadchuk

In a former life, Jack was gifted, meaning he possessed peculiar abilities. If rich folks found themselves in a jam, Jack could use his talents to get them out of it. Where others were sure to fail, Jack’s aristocratic clientele could always count on him to finish jobs cleanly, efficiently, and leave no trace, for which his services commanded a hefty fee.

But one day, Jack picked a fight with the wrong man and his old life came to an end. But, as it turned out, his story was far from over.

A mysterious supernatural being whisked Jack's consciousness away and into the body of a young nobleman living in a different world in the multiverse – a magical one.

In it, he must play the part of Max Renard, illegitimate son of a traitor who was recently executed on orders from the king, which caused Max to lose his home and be forced to dwell in a small town on the western outskirts of the kingdom.

And now this new life – his last life – is the one he must lead…

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I couldn't put this one down, great from start to finish. Amazing characters, compelling and deep story. The various interludes just serve to make the story even better and the entire mess that old Max had plunged into was just amazing, but it lets there brilliance of the MC really shine. I cannot wait for book 2, the big monkey wrench he's thrown into everyone's plans is just fantastic!

Cori W

A world believable enough to make you forget you're reading fantasy fiction. The MC is kind of like a mage/cultivator who's been plunked down in a late medieval world. That's been done before, but rarely has anyone managed to make their world this believable. Books that were written in the 19th century about the medieval period have a different feel to them, because the authors were looking at that time period in the rear view mirror rather than through a telescope. This is like that, except with hints of modern awareness and style where it would improve the story.

Amazon Customer

This is probably one of the best books I've read in quite a while. The main character is well developed and even though you get the idea that he may have at one point been an assassin he is not without at least a modicum of honor. I will have an unbearable time waiting for the next book in the series and can only hope that it won't take years for the next book.

Kindle Customer

Not the usual ‘Swords and Sorcery’ background, making this somewhat more original than most. The main, Max, is no nonsense and competent, of course somewhat overpowered, but thats to be expected. He does however use brains to more effect than most Heroes again giving this novel a large boost in my opinion. A must be read novel! 10/10

John Wayne

I balked at picking this up, as the blurb didn't really grab me, but I am glad i did. I really enjoyed this book and am disappointed that there is only one book out at this time. The characters are well done, the world is interesting, and the story is very good. I really recommend you pick this up. Only thing missing for my taste is a romantic sub plot, but maybe something will happen in the future!