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Book 1

Dem Mikhailov

Rostislav Grokhotov, an ordinary clerk working for a privately-owned company, just wanted to earn some extra money in the game. He had no specific plans for his new character. Little did he know that his new nickname Rosgard would become the game's next greatest legend.

Even the game's Crèche zone may contain items of interest if you're observant enough. Rosgard's find didn't just change his own life drastically — it enveloped an entire game world in a turmoil to boot! The adventuring player becomes a valued prize for Waldyra's leading clans. Our hero has to conceal his real name, since he's in danger in real world as well, and that's no game anymore. There are millions at stake — and the currency in question isn't Monopoly money. Rosgard holds the key to wealth and power in both worlds.

Should you play your own game or throw in your lot with the strongest? This is the question that needs to be answered by the protagonist, whose luck is incredible. Whose side does one take without becoming a pawn in anyone's game?

Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones is a perfect example of a classical LitRPG novel. The events in the virtual world and the events in the real world mesh closely together as the plot thickens and becomes more and more dynamic from one book to another. The series has thousands of diehard fans in Russia! Now in English — for every true fan of the genre!

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The series is a joint project of Magic Dome Books and 1C-Publishing


Great translation and the storyline is great. I love that you have both in game and out game interplay. The MC is one that you can believe in.I already Pre-ordered the next book.

Danny Evans

Like many others I remember reading this series up to book 4 I believe. It was definitely under a different name and a different author. Well I'm confused as how this happens but I'm not angry as I just use Kindle unlimited to read them. I did notice that they were no longer in my library but since I didn't pay anything but the monthly subscription I'm not too upset. I still had a copy of the original book on an older device that apparently I never closed so looking at the two side-by-side it is the same story with some different names and oddly enough different grammar issues. It's a good story definitely glad I reread it, for those who like litRPGs this is definitely one of the better series.

Armando Hinojosa

Good character development in and outside the game. Way of the Clan redone! and well done it is.


This is one of the best examples of classic Russian litrpg. It has all of the elements of a great series. Danger, betrayal, adventure and yes, even romance! I read it when it was the first translation and enjoyed it then but this new translation is bigger and better than before! Cannot say enough on how much I enjoyed this book.

roger lawrence

Nice re-work of the old series! Classic but still exciting!

Lopito Nyongo