(book #1)
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Book #1

Dem Mikhailov

In this world, everyone starts with no memory and no recollection of their past life. In this world, you have nothing — even your limbs are rented, and you'll have to pay up every day. In this world, you must complete tasks assign¬¬ed to you by the System or be fined and stripped of everything, including your arms and legs. In this world, you're under unrelenting supervision. But in dark corners hidden from the System's watchful eye, violence, brutality, and lawlessness abound.

In this world, you're assigned a number. You're a volitional Nullform. Now it's up to you to adapt to this reality and try to survive without ending up crippled. Just don't mess up, or you'll be wishing you were dead as you dig yourself deeper into an endless pit of debt. This world will not take pity on you. You'll have to work tirelessly to earn the right to live another day…

Read the first book in a new series from the author who brought you Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones.

An author who helped create the cult LitRPG genre.

An author who never ceases to amaze!

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Very unique premise and world. If Frank Kafka wrote a litrpg novel, this would be it. Typically dark Russian litrpg with great everything, plot, characters pacing etc..

Desert Dan

I have watched repo man the genetic opera and repo man This kind of reminds me of them but with a computer in the far future that has gone mad about arms and legs. You have several groups of people named after Characters zombies Gools half lings Some the do The minimum just to survive Some work a little harder. I really want to see where he goes in the story


I just finished Nullform in one sitting and I have to say that it was an excellent book. For some reason I feel like the litrpg stories that come from western countries sound all the same. The eastern litrpg tales are most often original in their plots and avoid the common tropes that we are getting out of the western authors. Nullform is no exception. It has a plot in a world that I would have never considered in a million years. The MC was tough and smart in a dystopian world that had to have come from somebody's worst nightmares. I recommend it to anyone who likes an exciting, litrpg progression book.


Mistakes: I did find a few mistakes in this book. It's important to note that I received an ARC, so I expect that those errors will be fixed. Plot: This was so different that it had me hooked and wanting to solve the mystery of just what was going on and why. You won't get those answers from book one. Don't skip it though because it's a great read.

Johnny Clark

While I can see how influences from the story may have inspired other authors to write LitRPG or add RPG systems, this is not LitRPG or GameLit story. That doesn’t make it a bad story. The dark dystopian setting and the allegory of an all encompassing system that’s supposed to provide necessities but ends up classifying workers and is full of holes people can take advantage of, is not badly written. It certainly is depressing and dark and it will appeal to readers that enjoy that. But, the story didn’t work for me since I was expecting some kind of LitRPG story or even a GameLit story. 6/10.