(book #1)
Status: released

Book *1

Vova Bo

Winner of the 2021 literary prize for the best LitRPG novel held by Russia’s leading book portal Author Today! The best among 119 contestants!

Rorkh is a city from which waves of horror surge out, one after the other. It maims one's sense of reason and devours one’s body. And if it ever seems like you're in the clear? Get ready and get in position! Watch the skies, look underfoot - creatures can appear from anywhere at all. One is already behind you...

Few people risk going out onto the street at night. And absolutely no one goes back by the same route on which they came. But you're not likely to survive. Either some mysterious beast will devour you, or you'll lose your mind from the horrors you'll have had to endure. Ah, yes, and you'll also lose everything you brought with you. And your character, too. Want to try again? Shell out some cash for a new attempt. But you're a dead man walking all the same. Rorkh hears you praying for mercy. And it could give a damn. This city will eat you, guts and all. And it won't be anything special. So you still want to risk your life and your sanity? For the sake of a fortune in cash and universal respect? Go ahead, noob. Rorkh loves fresh meat!...

Arch is a mid-level player. He completes the usual simple quests and collects resources during the day, in order to somehow afford food and a place to live. Like all players, he dreams of making big money and the glory of the Nighthunt, but his fear is stronger than his ambitions. After all, this would mean going out for a night run, where the bet would be not only your character but also all the equipment you brought along. And battling the numerous monsters who crawled out at night? That wouldn't be easy either.

Rorkh is a game where a bullet in the head means your character is dead, regardless of their level or equipment. So in this game, where your personal skills are the most important thing, Arch, who for the first time has a decent character to work with, has decided to visit one of the top guilds for training, which is going to eat up practically all his savings.

Only thing is that the training includes a few night runs, crawling with monsters, cultists, and mystical beings. One mistake, and Arch will lose everything. And then his dreams of big money and glory will remain nothing more than dreams.

In order to avoid this, Arch has put together a team of students like himself, and has gone out on a night match with experienced players. The newbies have a simple task: cover the Guild's main strike force. A problem arises at the very outset, however, when this main strike force is practically annihilated by a group of monsters. Then it's a handful of noobs against hundreds of monsters, and a long way to go to reach any safe exit...

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