(book #2)
Status: released

Book 2

Dem Mikhailov

If someone offers you to make a few quick and easy bucks, there's got to be a catch somewhere. A seemingly trifling quest in the virtual world of Waldyra is an excellent opportunity to earn some money, right? It's just that things never quite work out that way.

Rostislav Grokhotov does not want to become anyone's pawn. Therefore, his unexpected acquisition makes him ponder his own goals. Having become the sole owner of a unique spell coveted by top-ranking clans, he no longer wants to go with the flow. That way would only lead to ruin and obscurity. He'd need to go all in—and to have a good plan. With several more contingency plans for good measure.

What are the opportunities available to someone in the possession of a unique spell capable of dispelling the veil over the unexplored continent of Zar'Graad? What is the mystery of the legendary Silver Legend set of armor? And what exactly is the game played by the Albatross clan that has hired him? Those are but the first few questions bothering Rostislav, on his way to become a legend in the game world of Waldyra.

Prepare for immersion into the stunning world of the famed series that has earned recognition as one of the best examples of the LitRPG genre—Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones. Rostislav's adventures online and offline will keep you on the edge of your seat. This legendary LitRPG classic now available in English!

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More levelling, more powerful monsters, more secrets, unique quests and strange locations. I can't wait to read the next book.

Kindle Customer

While waiting for Jim Butcher's Peace Talks, I found this book series. Other than translation issues in leaving out quote marks in certain places, I loved the voice of this character and for some reason it reminded me of Dresden. He's a kind-hearted person but doesn't take well to jerks and puts himself in danger to help others.

Dianna Moore

A must read series for LitRPG fans. Yes, it's a re-release so if you already own no need complain. Continues Rosgard's adventures without rush to any particular plot point. This, Fayroll, The Guild, and the Way of the Shaman are all the classics of the genre and worth a read.

Kindle Customer

Do it faster... I am looking forward to seeing more from this series. I plan on buying them all. Please don't stop.

Danny Evans

Love this series so glad that the author is back on Amazon kindle thought id never be sble to read the series to the end.

Joe p