(book #2)
Status: coming Sep 23, 2023

Book /2

Alexey Svadkovsky

The road is always rife with danger and full of mystery, but these are the paths of Chaos, leading to other worlds, and you’d best be ready for it right from the start.

Join Ren as he journeys to new realms on a quest to find the Luminous Pearls in the world of a Thousand Islands, and meet those who serve the Master of Fortune who will help you in an ancient ritual. The Cave of Shimmering Stones and Cold City await you, and do not fail to stop at Clockwork Gear and the Black Sands, for the time has come for the fulfillment of promises.

Honor and betrayal, life and death, old friends, new foes all are tightly interwoven on the roads of Chaos. You alone can choose your path.

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