(book #3)
Status: released

Book 3

Dem Mikhailov

Nothing is ever given freely. One has to pay the full price for everything one gets. Easy money for a seemingly minor quest in a game? Well, you're obviously being played for a mark. Suddenly stumbled upon a unique spell coveted by the entire world of Waldyra? That automatically makes you the quarry for the game's top clans, each of which will be hunting you—IRL as well as inside the game. Or have you, perhaps, chanced upon a gift from a legendary set? Expect trouble for certain, for there's a horrendous creature hunting you now, intending to take your life eventually—it's but a question of time.

And yet, despair not! Deal with things resolutely instead of going with the flow. You've got to act; you've got to play your own game. That's the only way of becoming a legend of Waldyra. You cannot run from your problems forever—at some point, you'll still have to face them, so face them on your own terms. Talking to someone who betrayed you in the past (as you may have been thinking) would probably be a good start. Or, perhaps, addressing the menace and turning the tables. Who said the quarry couldn't become the hunter once again?

Oh, and there's another thing to think of: the team you'll be doing it with. Solitary warriors don't win any battles, even if they can have all the fun in the world frolicking on their own.

Welcome to the new volume of the series that is currently considered the gold standard of the LitRPG genre. The events unfurling in both worlds, the real and the virtual one, become more dynamic, and the plot keeps thickening. This is a new instalment in Dem Mikhailov's series entitled Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones, now available in English!

The series is a joint project of Magic Dome Books and 1C-Publishing

Audiobook will be released October 27, 2020



Damn! A good read! Even with a translator, it's still a damn good read! I've read quite a few translated works as the Russians (generically speaking) seem to put out more LITRPG and Wuxia than anyone else. Still, a damn good read that gets you hooked quick! Read the others in the series or be lost in the shuffle...


The book was written perfectly. But, the translation is off somewhat. The original names were fine, changing them detracts from the genre. Certain monsters have traditionally have certain names. Changing them was wrong. I don't think that the translator is a gamer.

Danny Evans

I enjoyed reading this book very much and would recommend it highly to anyone that like litRPG type of . I await the translation of the next book in the series.


Pretty awesome read. Good story and a lot of good threads in place I m curious to see where it goes.


Great book.epic series.Worth reading more then 3 times. Read it ,reading it, waiting for the next 5 in one go.

Kindle Customer