(book #3)
Status: released

Book '3

Dem Mikhailov

Book 3 of the sequel to Dem Mikhailov’s cult LitRPG saga Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones (The World of Waldyra)!

Never before did the world of Waldyra face a threat as terrible as this one. A whole continent has gone insane—and it's heading towards the Old Continent on a collision course. If the two continents collide, the whole world will shake to its very foundation, and the ensuing destruction will be unimaginable.

Hideous alien monsters are coming from the sky, intent on laying waste to everything around them. The War of the Gods has already begun—more and more lives are getting sacrificed on the altar of faith every day.

It is a dire time for Rosgard and his friends to make a bid for survival in a thoroughly changed Waldyra, where neither Light is an indisputably benevolent power with a fair countenance any longer, nor Darkness the supreme evil to combat unthinkingly anymore.

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