(book #4)
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Book 4

Dem Mikhailov

Being a unique player has its advantages, but comes fraught with quite a few problems. Having become the owner of a spell capable of removing the magic veil from an unexplored continent, Rosgard has to prepare himself for the role of the Navigator; the only one who can lead the expedition across the ocean. Should he fail to do so, the spell will be taken away by the game's administration. The desire to become a game legend conflicts with the protagonist's adventurous spirit, which gets in the way of leveling up the character consistently. The virtual world of Waldyra is full of secrets, after all—such as the Silver Legend; a mysterious set of armor that's been scattered all across the virtual world; some of the items no longer traceable.

Rosgard's love for adventure is shared by kindred spirits who gather around him, ready to take any risk and dive headfirst into any rabbit hole just to see how far it goes. In the meantime, top clans are still looking for the Great Navigator to either convince or coerce him into joining them. There's never a minute's peace for him in either world—the real or the virtual. The clan of the Sleepless Ones is hot on his trail, while the game presents Rosgard and his friends with another challenge they find hard to resist.

If you want to learn more, read the fourth volume of Dem Mikhailov's legendary LitRPG saga in English.

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The series is a joint project of Magic Dome Books and 1C-Publishing

Audiobook will be released February 2, 2021


Great series, one of my favorite. I have bought all of the books and also listen to all of them. Looking forward for the next book. Can't wait for book six because I read them also under the other name they had first.


Definitely start with book one. Fun book with great characters and plot. The translation can be a little ponderous at times but overall I think it frames the Russian feel of the characters and nationality of the story itself. Read on!

Michael Honan

Slow at times, no loot or class development at all. But still decent. Consider it a stepping stone to the next book.

Kindle Customer

Definitely a good read. This book while not the best in the series is still a good addition. My personal opinion is that Ros just disappointed me a bit to much in this book. Too much complaining about being tired, to many situations where he acts just a bit to stupid, and to many moments where he acts like a spoiled child who just wants to complain and push all his problems away and onto someone else. He does not think through a decent amount of his decisions as well which causes him to have some rather poor results where only his amazing luck Stat seems to save him. Also the fight sceans were a bit lackluster and confusing.


One main character. Okay for teens. Fast paced story. Want to read more of this series. Will do that soon. Book four of five books.

Kindle Customer