(book #4)
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book #4

Dem Mikhailov

If you are at the very bottom, you should not be thinking about hanging on tight so as not to fall any further, but about climbing higher. Step by step, but higher. There is no other way in this cruel world.

Elb and his team know this, and their path leads upwards, towards those who look down on Drainagetown from a height and spit on the heads of its inhabitants. They call themselves the Spiders, and they do not allow strangers into their domain. Yet if your timing is right, it is possible to take a sure step upwards. Mind you, it is only a step, for Elb is not planning to stop. His aim is to discover the secrets of this world and understand why he was created.

Memories. They are coming back to our hero more frequently now, with snatches of his past life, but so far with no answers to his questions. Yet come what may, Elb will get his answers, and he will go to any lengths to achieve his aim. And those who stand in his way will drown in their own blood.

Read the latest installment in this RealRPG saga by Dem Mikhailov, author of the legendary “Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones” series, and creator of the shadowy new world of the Nullform.

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Another good story. As long as a few banged up sentences don't bother you. And you don't mind a psychopath as the MC then this is good story.


A different take on LitRPG, lots of action and incredible world building, with a huge mystery that is slowly being solved.


I couldn't stop reading it. Cover to cover a non stop journey. I love this series and the author! I will be reading more!

Kindle Customer

Elb & co are moving up from Drainagetown, and begin working for the Spiders. Sent on a mission to retrieve a ‘Royal sceptre’, aka needlongun, they run into strange beings, and even stranger behaviour of the plux. Good book, finishes on a edge, with your need to know more.