(book #4)
Status: released

Book '4

Dem Mikhailov

The world of Waldyra has been thrown into a turmoil of unprecedented scale and gravity. There are countless threats coming from every direction. The gods are at war. Continents are about to clash. Mighty ancient deities awaken—far more powerful than any of the newfangled gods. Old and new clans fight one another furiously for a place in the sun, and hideous monsters are falling from the skies, destroying every living thing in their way.

The heroic Rosgard, who stands at the helm of a young but very tightly-knit clan, is not so much trying to achieve success as to survive, being inadvertently drawn into a global conflict between incredibly mighty players.

Is one to walk in the Light—or cohort with the Dark? Both sides have plans for the small clan of the Heroes. Rosgard will have to make a choice that will affect the fates of many.


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