(book #5)
Status: released

Book #5

Dem Mikhailov

Striving for the top is the path of the strongest. If you are not moving upward, sooner or later you will tumble back to the bottom.

Elb has long understood that life in a cage, and among the scum, is not for him. He cares not for his new, higher position in stinky Drainagetown. The hero wants to find a way out of the steel labyrinth.

But even if he makes it, what awaits him on the other side of the steel walls?

Elb and his squad of goblins are about to receive the answer not only to this, but also to other questions.

The squad has been through much together, and maintained its unity, but will it always be this way?

For not everyone is prepared to go to any length to achieve the desired goal, especially if it is the goal of the goblin Elb, who will stop at nothing, and is prepared for any sacrifice.


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What a strange series, by at the same time super addictive. The world building is amazing, and off the charts. A very strange, mysterious world with lots of action, that is slowly being revealed.


The perfect series to recommend to grandma and her church reading club. I hope to see this as an AI generated movie one day.


This is a good continuation of the story, although perhaps a recap of the past episodes for a couple pages before each new book would be in order since I was confused when this started and it had been a long time since I read the last book. One thing though is that the kind of over the top psychotic and sociopathic behavior of some of the characters is a little annoying. It is pretty hard to root for someone who enjoys torturing animals.