(book #5)
Status: coming Aug 04, 2023

Book ^5

V. Kriptonov
M. Bachurova

Kiang has shifted into decisive action. The people poisoned by his drug have lost all control and taken to wreaking havoc on the city streets. They all thirst to kill Lei Cheng, who they consider the cause of all their troubles, but they don’t shy away from killing bystanders either. The entire country is placed under martial law. The clans survive a crushing blow.

Lei Cheng realizes that the time has come for the final showdown, but in order to finally eliminate Kiang, he must first gather together five spirit-chosen. The White Tiger, the Red Bird, the Azure Dragon and the Black Turtle – those who, according to ancient prophecy, will form the entourage of the Golden Dragon.

Old friends and enemies join forces for the sake of a battle that will determine the course of global history! As the apocalypse thunders on, somewhere high up in the mountains, on a peak that looms above the world, something even scarier erupts…

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