(book #6)
Status: released

Book 6

Dem Mikhailov

Rosgard is in dire need of leveling up and acquiring new skills to use his unique spell. And yet Waldyra thwarts his efforts by offering him another temptation. How could one fail to use the opportunity of visiting a mysterious and unexplored location known as The Great Beyond?

Even though the most powerful clan in Waldyra — The Sleepless Ones — is joining him, the journey is bound to be a rough ride. Still, Rosgard hardly has any choice in the matter. After all, his pet Tyrant, the black and white wolf cub, is one of the keys to The Great Beyond. The famous Silver Legend item set doesn't let him forget about it, either. He receives new information about some of the artifacts that are part of the set in question, and he has to act quickly, lest someone more cunning beats him to the set.

Besides, he has plenty of other issues to take care of — both in Waldyra and IRL. Rosgard will have to think really hard in order to get the prize and make sure he keeps the title of the Great Navigator.



Nice addition to the saga of the sleepless ones. Bb’s brother is a lot of fun to read about. Interesting!


I must say, I’ve found the structure of these books to quite i-i-i-i-interesting. Please keep writing and I will gladly keep reading.


Love the series. One of my favorite books in this category. Looking forward to see what happens next. Things are getting iii interesting


A fun and exciting adventure that keep interesting and unexpected surprises happening without stopping. As if every book opens new adventures!