(book #9)
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Book 9

Dem Mikhailov

Rosgard the Great Navigator and his comrades-in-arms continue their journey as part of the armada of the Sleepless Ones to the shores of Zar’Graad, impatient to tear off its magical veil and be the first to step onto the new continent. The first trailblazers can expect some truly impressive bonuses - so even though no one yet knows what those rewards might be, the stakes are just too high to come in second.

The two archipelagos - the Ring of Peace and the Wings of War - are only a stopover on the clan’s way to their ultimate prize. But even there Rosgard manages to excel, his actions influencing the life and power balance in the entire digital world of Waldyra. And don’t forget, he’s still to run the final stretch of the race, with his evil rivals breathing down his neck. They’d do anything to prevent the Sleepless Ones from getting the upper hand. Rosgard’s triumph looms ever closer - but will his mission succeed? How will this long-winded story pan out? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in Book 9.

Read the final book of Dem Mikhailov’s legendary LitRPG saga Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones - now available in English!

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Well! It was definitely worth waiting fot. Even better as a binge read of the whole series. A tiny bit, ah, more violent than I'd like but any less and it wouldn't work. Like you left the salt out of the dish. And it didn't stop me reading either. But... More! More! More!

Kindle Customer

I hope the new spin off is translated soon. I have really enjoyed all these stories and it is no wonder that this series inspired a lot of other litrpg.


I need more! You have to continue the series! I love this series, my favorite ever! When is the next book going to be released? I will buy it too!

Kindle Customer

Good stuff, these books are one exciting adventure after another just like you would expect from a game this advanced. Makes you wish that it was a reality.

Kindle Customer

Nonstop motion forward with action left and right to a satisfying conclusion. Only minor quibble is there should have been more of the admiral earlier…