(book #3)
Status: released

The Brown Terror

Vasily Mahanenko

Zul’var’s altar is no more. In one fell swoop, it was destroyed, Leg Ondo lost his shot at becoming a full-fledged wizard, and Liara Slick disappeared without a trace. The emperor is doing everything he can to impede the upstart clan’s growth. A mysterious wizard following Bashorg is filling Brown Bear lands with terrifying demons. And then there’s the academy and final exams. With so much to do, giving up would be the logical move, only Leg Ondo isn’t one to throw up his hands when the going gets rough. The stage is set for the Brown Terror to teach his enemies the meaning of fear.


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The MC finally battles (indirectly) the bigger enemy’s. There is a significant grown in the MC’s power and the end is satisfying. Crafting aspect is added to the MC which is great. Looking forward to Book 4


This story of a high mage lizard person being reborn in a young lazy chief’s son was a very interesting read. The only problem I have is with demon worshiping people. If demons devour everything, what go those people think is going to happen to them?


I think we get a lot more lore in this book in regards to the powers of the world than in the other two combined. Major plot advancement. Epic battles on a scale not seen. A lot is happening in this book. Very fast pace, so many changes starts to appear, the next book will have a great time following up with them. I can't wait to read the next one.

Kindle Customer

The continuing story of leg more demons dragons magic fights etc , a great story and now i have to wait for book 4.

Michael Jackson

I love magitech. Enchantment are also good but I always favour magitech more. Flying machines, becomes bomber machines, admit amulets becomes powered armour with integrated weapons systems, wolverine claws or wrist blades or grenade launchers, etc. Love it. Keep up the great work! I can't wait for the next book!

Kindle Customer