(book #10)
Status: released

To Change the Past

Michael Atamanov

Space is a dangerous place. Here, you're either a predator or soon to fall prey to a ruthless neighbor. And if you aren't tough enough to make it on your own, you'll need the backing of a formidable power to keep you safe from bigger fish.

Earth used to have such protection – the great Geckho race. But unfortunately, the Geckho fell to an enemy onslaught, leaving planet Earth to fend for itself. And now, Earth humanity has precious little time to prove to their galactic neighbors that they are not to be trifled with.

Thankfully though, they have not only the mighty Army of Earth and a capable space fleet, but also something unique of which no other race can boast – Gnat and his ancient cruiser, which can travel instantly to any point in the Universe, breaking all conventional strictures and laws of war.

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It is always interesting to read books about a single man changing the course of the galaxy. The entire series is very good and this latest book is no exception. Some story lines were closed, and new ones opened, but over all the story gets more and more interesting. The best part is that the MC is still very competent and unpredictable, and when you have read as many books as I have this is unusual, but always enjoyable. I look forward to the next book in the series.


Great book! Even better series! Binge read all 10 in a row and i can’t wait for he next one already! Great writing and enjoyable storyline.


Gnat has alot going on with his wife and soon to be born son in danger. Definitely will keep you on your toes with all the anticipation

Alkon Ramirez

The ending of this book is a crime against...

... me.

I sat down with a mug of coffee preparing for a long read with Gnat and the gang only to be shocked with the sentence

End of Book 10

How long will we wilt and suffer the wait til book 11? Oh Mr. Author?

Please don't keep us long.

Dr. B

Surprisingly, initially I had buyer's remorse. Atamanov is one of my favorite LitRPG writers, but I found the first half-dozen or so chapters of this novel boring. Judging by the other reviews, that may just be me, but I thought it was slow and thought the author had promoted Gnat so much that the series was getting boring. Fortunately, the action quickly picked up after that point and became more fun. Still a good series, and worth reading, but Reality Benders is a good example of the challenges of writing about a strong character. The protagonist has to face stronger and stronger opponents - which eventually must stop or become ridiculous, or it becomes much more challenging for the author to keep things interesting. Despite these issues, the rest of the book was worth the purchase and time.

Poor Richard