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Status: released

City of the Dead

Vasily Mahanenko

There are whole anthologies of stories out there about what humankind does when a game enters their world. But what about when they’re living in one where a game arrived thousands of years before? What if they’re the survivors of a bloody struggle, having fought for and earned their place on the planet?

Tailyn Vlashich was a young nobody far away from all those grander issues. All he cared about was one thing: making his way through a harsh world where the emperor, evil foes, and an impartial god held sway. And the god, of course, demanded nothing less than that all things were done in accordance with its divine will.

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Once again the Russians have done it. They came, they saw, they conquered the whole genre. When ever a decently translated piece from the Russian masters hits the "shelfs" I'm first in line to buy it. This book was such a fun and satisfying book. It answers the question that I've asked my self, what happens thousands of years after the integration of a planet to "THE SYSTEM".

Hjörtur Þorgeirsson

If you like a stat heavy book, with a slightly OP MC, and dungeon diving well dive right in. I loved this book. The story was intriguing and refreshing and I like the use of cards to cast magic spells. Can’t wait for book 2.


The game mechanics are woven into the fabric of the world with great respect for the god that sees all and rewards all with notifications and quest rewards. The MCs progression reminds me of the series Underdog, where an orphan with an inability to level instead gets other rewards that boost his potential power. The other aspects of the RPG system are original with spells cast via rechargeable cards. A skill and ability system that is powered by rare resources or quest rewards. At about the 50% mark you start to see small connections to another story the author wrote. Overall, this is just a great story that had me up late at night reading till it was done. Score: 8 out of 10.


This author is consistently pretty good but this was really good and a lot of fun. Love the aftermath of video game apocalypse angle. The main character is a little whiny but he’s also like 10 years old so it’s not entirely unexpected. There were a couple typos but in general the translation seemed solid. Everything else was great. Can’t wait for the next one.


Wonderful fantasy and the start of a great new world! I couldn't put it down until I finished it! The magic system is refreshing and it doesn't skimp on some good loot.