(book #2)
Status: released

City of the Undead

Petr Zhgulyov

The first stage is complete. Ivan Susanin has managed to survive and, together with the other leaders, unite the various players into the Alliance. Yet this is only the beginning. A huge goblin army is approaching from the city outskirts, while the undead roam inside the city. The people from Earth are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The only way to escape another massacre is to capture the goblin fortress, and hold out until the end of the mission. Or to abandon their wounded and scatter, hoping to avoid getting killed.

This is a serious challenge for the newly formed Alliance. However, even if this risky plan succeeds, nothing is over yet. The second mission will be followed by the next and the next. The new gods will not back down, for the Altar is a unique chance for one of them to gain power and become the leader of a united Pantheon. Sooner or later, the goblins and the undead will fall, and no price is too high to secure victory.

It is time to make a choice. Hide behind the safety of the walls or leave the besieged fortress and head deeper into the inner suburbs. To the domain of the undead. To where stands the temple of the fallen goblin god. To a place where one will get the chance to decide one’s own fate.

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I'm not a gamer. In order for a litRpg novel to hold my interest, it must either have a story interesting enough to carry me along or a unique take on the genre. In this case, the story is interesting enough and the LitRpg element isn't overwhelming. Other LitRpg stories I have liked include Adventures of a Scribe, Street Cultivator, and a few others. If you like your stories a bit different (I'm personally mortally tired of the chosen hero...come to save whatever) then you may enjoy these novels.

book wizard

This set of stories is different enough to be really interesting! Plenty of battles, enough stats to satisfy me, Vasily as he is known is one bad ass dude. The monsters they he has to fight and the allies he acquires really up the game! Get it, read it, you won't be sorry!

Thomas A. Lamparty

I like this series. I like that it is not squeamish about what war can be and what happens to those thrust unprepared into it.

Shaun Wilson

This book series is odd but engaging. The MC is kind of callous but is cunning. The pacing can get a bit out of hand but overall is a solid book.


It has an interesting appeal. Does not follow the normal litrpg pathway. Has no idealistic. Righteous, idiot hero. Instead has an opportunistic survivor which I like. I hope to see a solid female in his life at some point, and maybe a few summoned companions for absolute loyalty. So far a good start.

Kindle Customer