(book #7)
Status: released

Clans War

Vasily Mahanenko

Not long ago, Daniel Mahan, known to everyone as Shaman Mahan, thought that he had taken his sixth and final step in the Barliona gameworld. Yet life has other ideas. The Corporation decides to resurrect the Lord of Shadow and his entire host. The Corporation’s CEO personally pushes the reset button. Geranika and his Dragon of Shadow spring back to life as, meanwhile, the Corporation makes an offer the Shaman can’t refuse.

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Bangs head against the wall for a minute...or two* WOW...ok where to begin so many twists and plots within schemes within intrigues. Fun book 2 days and a sleepless night but it was WORTH every moment. Loved the book ready for 8...keep writing and I’ll keep reading!!!

This was the best book in the series by far. To a Shaman, there are no rules. A story of overpowered characters, intrigue and deception. To the Shaman, there is always a right path, the wrong path, and then there is the third path.

Book 7 is the downloadable DLC that changes that ending and gives you one last crazy adventure with the characters you love. There are so many new big quests, revelations, Mahan finally uses that spider eye he got in book 1, and more that an invasA fantastic tale of treachery and breaking the gameion from a rival continent is the smallest event in the story.

A fantastic tale of treachery and breaking the game.

Well plotted out. Mahan's story is still as engaging as it was when it first started. Love the evolution of my favorite shaman.