(book #10)
Status: released

Clear Threat

Dan Sugralinov

Scyth, known in the Inferno as the tiefling Hakkar, decanus in the worst legion of them all, must gain an audience with Prince Belial to get his hands on the Coals of Hellflame.

Alex Sheppard faces the most stressful week of his life, and if he can’t handle the pressure, then it might be his last.

With a Spark of Hellflame in hand, Scyth is now ready to conquer Holdest and eliminate the Nucleus of the Destroying Plague. At the same time, to deal with the undead he needs to raise a third temple to the Sleepers, and how can he do that if there are no free places of power, and real life demands that he fly out for the citizenship tests?

Too much is at stake. The risks are too great. There’s too little time to prepare.

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I thought this one was going to be it but it looks like there is at least one more. Stakes are definitely high


I've read the original in Russian under subscription on Litnet while Dan was still writing it. It was very hard to wait until the next chapter had been uploaded, but it was such a great feeling to realise that I was reading it just as freshly written as it could be. Of course, waited to order English version as soon as it became available in hard copy to add to the collection of the whole series. Great story and every book is great as well! Thanks, Boss!


Scyth & co are fighting valiantly against the Destroying Plague, with all facets of life from Disgardium involved. Twists from expected allies are involved, and loyalty from Demons.
A great book, and a rapidly paced event unfolds.