(book #1)
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Vasily Mahanenko

Maximilian is the last of the noble Valevsky lineage. His entire family was put to death for an alleged attempt on the powerful Duke Odoevsky, who had his eye set on the Valevsky’s land.

The young man managed to avoid execution, but not punishment. From here on out, he’s condemned to life as a suicide soldier: the front line in the fight against the dark god Skron’s mutated creatures. “Do or die” — that’s the motto that has been drilled into his head. The Duke took everything from him but his honor and a thirst for revenge.

Maximilian makes a vow to dig himself out of this hole he’s been driven into and lay claim to his birthright. But first, he needs to get through training and survive. A rookie can’t afford to dream of anything else.

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Audiobook will be released June 27, 2023