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Anton Tekshin

If you’re going to stick your hand into somebody else’s refrigerator, you better be ready to deal with the consequences. Especially when, instead of perishable foodstuffs, the icebox in question contains people who are “provisionally alive.”

They haven’t died yet — death has not yet made up its mind about them. And even though most of them will never open their eyes again, a lucky few do stand the ghost of a chance of returning to this world. What a pity then that among these fortunate souls, there is one man who thought his earthly affairs concluded for all eternity.

His case file bristles with cautionary attributes such as “serial killer,” “extremist” and “mentally unstable.” And yet could this be the best candidate for an assignment that has already claimed the lives of several veteran operators? Who knows…

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The entire setup takes a bit, but the MC is creating his character and going over stats, class descriptions, weapon descriptions, and sci-fi mechanics by the 9% mark. He chooses a class that’s considered terrible but the MC makes it work somehow. There’s lots of detail about all the mechanics which I appreciated, but it also made the later fights more meaningful since a lucky shot didn’t override the setup game rules and the MC died in game from poor decisions or just overmatched enemies. Money also plays a big role and becomes another motivating factor for the MC to power up. There’s a certain irreverent sense of humor that some readers will enjoy and plenty of Russian background notes that gave the story a unique flavor.


An old vigilante brought out of cryostasis is placed into a “space” based VR game. Beyond the normal expectations of freezing problems, our ‘hero’ slowly begins to make waves in both the game and real life.
The fun really begins when our hero decides to be a pirate, and gets caught up in a cyclic escape scenario. Good read and enjoyed it.


Brilliant fast paced debut novel. A strange hybrid of spy thriller a la Ludlum and Forsyth, and litrpg with a touch of sci-fi as well. Starts a bit slowly but over time it just snowballs into wowness. I guess this just makes it even more clear how Russian litrpg authors are way ahead of the rest!

Kindle Customer

Great to read a LITRPG space book, an Interesting take on the genre. It wasn’t too stat heavy and there were no obscene power jumps by the main character which is a plus for me. At times it felt like the book was moving too fast; jumping between events, apart from that a great read! Can’t wait for the next one!


If you're a scifi fan, and you like space adventures, then this is just the book for you if you're a LitRPG fan as well. Very well done, and rather amusing to boot. This is a story that takes place both in and out of game, which adds to it's storyline possibilities. By the end of the book, we've seen many things that could lead to future stories, both in and out of game, and we get a clear glimpse of the kind of person our main character is, and I think there's going to be great fun in future installments in the series, so if you're hunting for a new series to start, this could very well be the one you're looking for.

Travis Siegel