(book #1)
Status: released

The Crystal Sphere

Andrei Livadny

Alex is one of us. An office rat during daytime, he spends sleepless nights playing his favorite MMO game: a familiar, predictable world which is about to collapse. A new virtual universe arrives to replace it, aggressively devouring all others: the Crystal Sphere.
Alex gets involved in testing new technologies which promise to revolutionize gaming. Fitted out with a neuroimplant which provides a 100% authenticity of experience, he has to survive in the Crystal Sphere against all odds. What is he turning into? Will he become yet another expendable test subject - or the first player to transcend reality?

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As usual, Mr Livadny has delivered a great read, devoured in a day, leaving me hungering for more. Well done sir, and kudos to the translator for a job extremely well done.

I thought this book was great and highly recommended. It can be difficult to find books of this caliber on Kindle unlimited but I am glad I did!

Excellent writing! Great Story. Engaging Characters. Had to reead in one sitting. Highly recommended to all LitRPG fans. Looking forward to the next book.

This author is in the top 10% of all LITRPG authors. He is consistently entertaining. He is a multiple award winning author and EVERY book he has had translated into English, including this one, has been very entertaining. I read books by authors who consistently deliver great entertaining reads and this author is highly consistent and I recommend this book and every book by him.

I really liked the flow and pacing of the story. I had trouble putting it down once I started it. Based on the premise of this book all the real world activity is at the beginning. Some things mentioned in the book come from the Phantom Server series (which is set after this series). Unfortunately, as the first of a series this one cut in the middle of things so... I want the next book!