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The Cub

Vasily Mahanenko

Death had only ever been a small misunderstanding for the high mage. After his seventh reincarnation, he’d begun thinking of it differently, viewing it as nothing more than a slight hiccup in his plans.

But he’d forgotten one thing: when those plans get in the way of those higher up the ladder, punishment is soon to follow. And one more death brought faint consolation.

Sent to another world, he found himself in a stranger’s body, though the worst part was that he was left with only the memories he’d built since his previous reincarnation. All the mage had learned before that point was gone. Finding himself in that challenging situation, his dilemma was between carving out his place in the sun and throwing up his hands in despair.

But giving in wasn’t an option for Leg Ondo. The Brown Bear clan brooked no cowards. If fighting was the way to go, it was a fight to the death, to the last drop of blood. Most importantly, the new world needed to be explored and understood, the local iteration of magic in particular. Let nobody ever say that the youngest of the Bears was unworthy!

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It may become a Progression Fantasy in future books, but there was not much in the way of cultivation in this one. Perhaps the seeds, merest hints, but nothing that obviously speaks of Chi or compression or Dantians or meridians. That said, it is a well developed world, with magic and intrigue galore. Things that happened at the beginning became more relevant at the end, signaling a well-crafted narrative and a deeply laid plot.


I’ve read a fair bit of lit RPG. I enjoy it. I’m a gamer and have been since the 80s. Many of them are filled up with stat screens as fluff, ability descriptions like you would see on a 1980s computer. This was a story, a fantastic story with a tangible and challenging rehashing of the nature of magic. It was good writing. You could get in and be the character. I really enjoyed it, substantially more than A dozen books that I can’t even name. Give this one a shot. If you regret it, I will be deeply surprised.

Micah Munroe

This was an incredibly fun read, I’ve read reincarnation on another world books before but first time the MC wasn’t human before reincarnation, was very interesting and fun to read expectations ally the parts on relationships, really looking forward to many more books in the future, highly recommended!!!!


I will tell all of you that this is a page turner. I couldn't put the book down! I had to finish and be begging for the next book later! I am in awe of the world building, the magic mechanic, magitech, the relations of the plotlines. Keep up the great work! Thank you! I can't wait for the next book!

Kindle Customer

Enjoyed this book. Not a LitRPG, similar to Isekai, though the soul in question was not an ordinary person but a high mage sent to another world. Nice start to the series and I'm looking forward to see where the story goes.