(book #2)
Status: released

The Curse of Rion Castle

Andrei Livadny

Rion Castle! Alex and Enea are facing a serious test of courage if they want to keep this unique citadel built by the lost civilization of the Founder Gods. Abounding with mystery and powerful artifacts, its dungeons are a complex maze of tunnels swarming with creatures of Inferno. What's even worse, Alex's "impulse buy" risks to trigger the first clan war in the Crystal Sphere. And they don't yet know that the donjon's dark bowels harbor a nightmare about to become the new curse of Rion Castle.

In the meantime, Infosystems Corporation begins an aggressive marketing campaign pushing its state-of-the-art neuroimplants onto unsuspecting gamers. A new era of reckless destruction is looming over the real world...

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I just love this book, the way the plots twists and turns and the way the heroes just seem human.I also like the characters emotions. I can't wait for the next one.

Good book, overall. The writing is smooth and clear. The game elements are well thought out. There're some excellent locations like the magical Yonder Isles and the frozen Island of Oblivion where Alex and his team very nearly perish while doing a very basic quest.

great read, good addition to book one. i enjoyed the story immensely.

I don't usually do reviews but this book is addictive. Very enjoyable. Cool world concept where fantasy is only a veneer for some heavyweight technological stuff. Can't wait for book three.

The story is intense enough to keep you on your toes at times. And that twist in the end looks promising! Waiting for book3!