(book #7)
Status: released

The Demonic Games

Dan Sugralinov

Alex Sheppard flies to the Demonic Games, hoping that he and his friends Malik and Tissa can do the impossible and achieve victory. Almost four hundred players are invited to the Games, the best of the best from all walks of Dis. Champions of the Arena and the Battlefields, gryphon races and pet battles; the very best craftspeople and grand masters of their professions... All of them await the arrival of Scyth the Class-A Threat, who must now prove his worth without his divine abilities to help him.

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Never, ever disappointed me. Every book is beyond incredible. Once I start one, it's a rocket fast blitz to the end

Dr. B

Great series and just keeps getting better. You can see the MC development from some kid to adult. The one problem is that he is not using his opportunity. He could be more attractive with what he has. Get the best for him and his. I love to see the MC develop better relationships with Destiny.


All the action that I have come to expect of these books and also with lots of intrigue. There is a twist at the end that even though I knew it was coming I didn’t expect it in the way it happened.


Enjoyed this book very much. This is a series i keep my eye on. Cant wait for the next one.


I honestly started reading this just because I was board. I had read Mr. Sugraljnov's books before but this series... It realy grabbed me. I stayed up for three days just reading the books in a row. I love the lore the dark background hidden behind the gaming action, the (mostly) creative ways he gets the protagonist out of problems, and especially all the little easter eggs and nods to games past and present. I won't say that every line is golden and a master class in writing but I find myself getting absorbed into the story with every crazy thing that happens. I am hooked honestly I'm so hyped for the next book I almost want to learn the language just so I don't have to wait.
Obviously if you have made it this far from the first book you liked the series, but this one stands out at the top of all the chapters. If I even just read this one book (with a bit more background filling) I would honestly put it in my top 10.
If you haven't read the series yet and like the gameplay aspect or just a fan of watching numbers rise like a airship I highly recommend you pick this one up. This book by itself will make sure it is not a disappointment.

Trenton l Young