(book #8)
Status: released


Michael Atamanov

The aggressive invaders from another galaxy cannot be stopped. The Composite keeps capturing system after system wiping out everything in its path, and there is no sign of a force capable of standing up to it.

In the search for allies, Gnat embarks on a long journey aimed at uniting the various branches of the human race. And though the potential for alliance is there, how can he convince them to set off to fight a suicidal war with such a disastrous balance of forces?

Beyond that, things aren’t as easy as they initially seemed with the humans from the far-off Empire, and they have a compelling reason not to enter this war which does not concern them. There's also the status of sole ruler of humanity at stake, which is not the kind of achievement that can be shared.

And that means one of the human leaders will have to back down.

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This series is one of the best that I have read. The storyline is very good and the MC is super interesting to follow, he keeps developing and doing fun and stupid stuff. Can't wait to see what happens next, hopefully the next book is not long of. The author is one of my favorite, I have read all of his books and recommend the other series that he has written. I would love to have charter sheet at the end of each book so we can see Gnat status when each book ends.


What a fast and furious ride! Gnat is everywhere at once and once more dancing around the powers of the universe! This enjoyable series has given me many hours of entertainment. Wonderful character building, outstanding story line. Some small spelling and grammatical errors but who cares, it's worth it. The author needs to charge more for these books! Buy it and enjoy.

Michael S. Morgan

I have read everything available by Michael, I drop everything when one of his books become available. His joining of two of his series Reality Benders and Perimeter Defense, which are my favorite series’s was like toppings on an ice cream cake, pure joy. I have happily paid for his books and will be waiting eagerly for more.

Grumpy Old Man

This has become my favourite LitRPG series. I really like the story arc linking the Perimeter Defence series but overall as with the previous chapters, my reaction when finishing this book is disappointment that I must wait a few months for the next one :)

Pen Name

Wow!! What a rush. Fast pace, great fight scenes, tons of levels and new abilities, continued world building. Picked it up and couldn't put it down. So easy to see why this remains in my top 5 litrpg. Can't wait for the next one