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Edge of the Abyss

Andrei Livadny

He had thought that he'd already experienced everything that a normal life had to offer. He'd thought he could clearly see what his future holds. Then a sudden phone call changed everything. The Edge of the Abyss was the first full-scale virtual reality, where he was asked to complete a simple task... and which turned out to be far from heaven.
He found himself in a terrifyingly realistic digital world whose rules he didn't know. Seemingly simple tasks suddenly required him to make moral choices - while refusing to do them would take him to places where the barrage of respawns could send one mad...

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This is a bit of a departure from the sci-fi oriented stuff the author has done, but it’s just as well written and has a similar depth of game mechanics and lore. I was surprised at how well done the real life storyline was written, but then I remembered who the author was and how good a storyteller he is. Score: 7.7 out of 10

LitRPG Podcast

Loved this book, found the whole concept of this story very engrossing. There are a few original elements in this story, which after reading alot litrpg over the last year or so was a breath of fresh air.

In Vino Veritas

A fine example of litrpg. This novel is a perfectly shows why I have become a fan of Russian writers litrpg. Even when sentence construction is strange for an American reader the emotion and enduring stubbornness of the MC makes it a superior read to me.

Biker Mike

This is a solid and enjoyable litRPG book. The main character acts honorably most of the time, especially when others need help. Would have given it five stars if it has a better conclusion. May want to wait to read until the sequel is out.

Poor Richard

I enjoyed the world building, characters, and Andrey's real-world situation. I've enjoyed most of the Russian LitRPG I've read so far and this one doesn't disappoint. It has excellent editing and translation - I stayed up late reading this one. I very much liked the quests and encounters in this book., they feel organic and not just boxes to check on the way to end of the story.

Ian Mitchell