(book #2)
Status: released

The Enchanter

Roman Prokofiev

What’s this book about? - It’s about the ancient mysteries of the Earth ravaged by the mysterious entities from over the Edge. About the Black Moon hovering over the planet’s one last remaining City and about its Legion created by Incarnators of old. About the Possessed warped by the power of primeval Darkness. About the Warriors, Enchanters and Technomancers who once rose to defend humanity from the ancient evil.

And it’s about a man stuck in the body of a young Legionnaire tribute, still continuing on his journey across the world in order to solve the mystery of his past and find his purpose. And in order to do that, he first needs to survive the trip.

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audiobook will be released December 1, 2020



Man! The author put a lot of time into creating this series. Fast paced with lots of intriguing mysteries. Creating a whole system of technology from ones mind is awesome! Great job.

jeb baker

I was looking forward to Book 2 to see where the story was going to develop. It didn’t disappoint! I enjoyed Grey’s development and the new characters introduced into the story. Well done.


I love the world built in these novels. Definitely leaves you guessing who is in the right and who is a real bad guy. Gut wrenching wnding in this one.

Mike Craft

I enjoyed this series a lot. Original storyline, no lazy writing here! Definitely looking forward to book 3!!
Keep up the good work, Roman!

Eric Johnston

Awesome sequel. The pace is fierce and blistering, the action non-stop as our hero lurches from one violent encounter to another, barely surviving each time. The world-setting is so raw and evocative, it almost feels like a movie playing inside your head. Brilliant, brilliant work.

Phillip Sanni