(book #2)
Status: released

An Equation with One Unknown

Vasily Mahanenko

To make a clan does not necessarily mean to make it successful. First you have to walk the hard path from the foundations of your castle to victory in interclan conflicts. Only then will you be recognized. Only then can you be listed among the location's top clans.

Your adversaries, however, will not be sitting around twiddling their thumbs. No dominant clan needs yet another wannabe competitor. Or its two founders. Which is why Kvalen and Eradani are being hunted down. Bugles sound as players sharpen swords and draw arrows. Bring on the show!

Just one thing – have the contestants accounted for all the factors involved in such a dubious undertaking? For in this equation not all the variables are known.

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Audiobook will be released October 27, 2020


Superb start to finish. It took me a bit to reconnect the names with the way of the shaman characters, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Kindle Customer

Highly enjoyable LITRPG! Lots of twists and turns, fantastic pacing and hard to put down! One of my favourite litrpg authors delivers again!

Kiwi Chris

Fantastic author. I really enjoy his work. Good litrpg with not too much agonizing over every stat and good world building. Would really like them to be on kindle unlimited but also respect why he doesn’t want to.


Another great read from one of the real masters of the genre. This book starts a little slow, but once it picks up pace you can’t stop! A hectic, action-filled ride with plenty of twists and turns. This is one storyline where you will struggle to know what’s coming next! It was great to have some cross-over and interaction with some old favourites from the Shaman series too. Our MC has set his sights high for a relatively low level character. His lack of levelling when taking part in high level raids was one of my only complaints with this book. Overall another great read that will leave you waiting impatiently for the next book in the series.


I gave it 4 stars because there is alway room for improvement. I like this author and this world he has created. I'm kind of stunned the main character being on numerous raids remained such a low level. I really liked the roller-coaster of a story but I can't wrap my head around how retarded he forced the characters development to be. He finally bonded with his familiar gaining a healing spell of a sort but has no skill with any weapons... the guys mouth is more dangerous than his weapons or magic skill. Seriously no weapons trainer... no magic trainer and a few raids and all he has to show for it is level 21... mischief on the same scale got mahan bumper up in level like nobody's business. Still it's a fun read.

Amazon Customer