(book #4)
Status: released

Finding a Body

Michael Atamanov

What is it like for a small flap-eared goblin herbalist to play the role of the Dark Sovereign, the main antagonist for Boundless Realm’s hundreds of millions of players? What is it like to find one’s self the standard bearer for an army of man-eating giants, cyclopes, skeletons, ghosts and other hellspawn, who don’t give a damn about their modest little ruler?
Our hero didn’t desire such an unenviable fate, but there is no way back now. He’ll just have to tighten the straps and play the ghastly overlord to the innumerable hordes that now threaten all Boundless Realm. But the longer our hero plays, the better he understands that this world is much more complicated than it seems at first glance and he is just a pawn in someone else’s game. And lots of things depend on whether he can figure all of it out in the short time he has left, including his own life.

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Audiobook will be on April 16, 2019


As with any final story, the author goes through great lengths to try and tie up all the major and minor storylines from the series. He does a pretty good job with the major plotlines, but the minor ones feel a bit rushed. The major storylines are resolved in rather epic fashion, both in-game and IRL, and there are several interesting twists I was surprised by. Score: 7.8 out of 10

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While I personally enjoyed the first three books in The Dark Herbalist series, neither second nor third book were the sort of story that I couldn't put them down. Finding a Body does have a few moments where you feel like a large tempo jump takes place but it's not overbearing. While I feel like I should have guessed who the real villains where earlier, I am ashamed to admit that I didn't put the clues together correctly and in the end, the real villains had more plausible motivations as a result. This is very welcome outcome as I hate it when authors leave characters with incomplete motivations.

Paul D

For all authors and fan's this is the way a epic story should end, tie up all your plot lines and have a exciting and fantastic finish!! I have nothing else to add, an excellent story I truly enjoyed.

Kindle Customer

This story made me start writing books myself. Since the first book of the series, I enthusiastically watched the main character. Very fascinating! The perfect completion of the series! Highly recommended to any LitRPG fan. It's a must-read.
Bravo, Michael!

Dan Sugralinov

I will miss these characters I have enjoyed reading about. great finish to the book. however in would have enjoyed more detail on the final battles.

Kindle Customer