(book #2)
Status: released

Forest of Desire

Vasily Mahanenko

Is there anything better than a quiet life? Well, there’s a quiet life surrounded by people you care about, people who love you in return, of course. But Tailyn Vlashich knew nothing of the kind. His parents had died years before, the townspeople stayed well away from the god’s favorite, and his guardian just wanted to be rid of him. That was the setting when Tailyn was again placed on the road to uncertainty, beset by terrifying lixes, and hounded by a harsh trainer it was impossible to please. All he can do is bear up and keep pushing forward in the hopes that his wishes will be granted. As legend has it, somewhere ahead lies the Forest of Desire, a place capable of bringing to life one’s every wish. For example, returning Valia Levor, Tailyn’s betrothed, who was kidnapped. Oh, and does anyone know why Forian Tarn still isn’t back from his trip?




I loved this book!! It was a beautifully written book and a great continuation of the previous book. The characters were well developed and fun


Great system-integrated world building. I'm really looking forward to book #3 which presumably will have the MC dealing with issues at the Mage Academy.

James W. Hill

This guy just pumps them out. Like a machine. Really, the only issues I have with the book are the age of the MC and his crew. Still, the kid is 11...dealing with child emotions and lack of wisdom. But, the story is deeply involved, character growth continues for all main characters, and the main enemy gets more involved as well. Good read, will buy the next book in series

Kindle Customer

I'm really loving this serie. A proper LitRPG with a cool system and magic system, the fact that the overarching plot is giving us information about stuff that obviously happens in the future of Reality Benders is very cool if you have read that serie. I'm looking forward to the next one.


The fun action packed slice of life adventure continues. The main character (MC) and his group are stranded in enemy territory and have to fight and think their way past deadly obstacles, traps, and monstrous guardians. There's a slight expansion of game mechanics with new potions, but the MCs exploit remains fun. Overall, for me, this was a fun story that kept me up reading late at night to finish. Score: 7.8 out of 10