(book #5)
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Alexey Osadchuk

For Olgerd, the month in recovery which followed his month-long full immersion stint in Mirror World may have felt like a single day. But while he relaxed in the bosom of his loving family, in-game events progressed in leaps and bounds.

The clans of both Light and Dark continue their lightning expansion into No-Man’s Lands. Reports of violent clashes between clan scouts - both with other contestants and local top-level monsters - fill the pages of game and multimedia news feeds as everyone is trying to win the juiciest morsels of these new territories for themselves.

Olgerd knows that the Dark players still have a grudge against him - and that their rickety truce with the players of Light might be broken at any moment. Then the valleys of the Silver Mountains will fall prey to new invaders.

Olgerd needs to help the Calteans mount defenses for their new settlement. Which means it’s time for him to get back into the game.


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Finnaly we find out how the story goes on. The book reminds me a little of a news reel. Many snippets of different things that are happening. Thus the author manages to bring the story from character building over to empire building. Very well written and the pace is great. I will continue reading this author. This will not be his last book in this series.


Thank you so much for getting a better translator, or thank the translator for getting better at his job, regardless of what happened thanks. I had re-read all the previous books in the series to remember what was happening and it was a horror show English wise, still good books, but so hard to follow what was going on.


This is one of my favorite LitRPG series and this book was another winner. Our hero continues to grow, maintains his independence, and have exciting adventures. And the Russian author does not engage in any anti-Americanism, nor political correctness (no homosexual characters thrown in once you are involved in the book, no harems - just an honorable character doing the best for his family). A great series and I'm looking forward to the next (final?) book.

Poor Richard

Well the book continues the series in a great way, Alexey keeps the pacing moving so it doesnt become a slow slough of progression and we get to see are hero getting rewarded for his hard work. The book ends with the opening of a new area in Mirror World and has me ready for adventure. next chapter of this advenure.

Kindle Customer

As i read i recalled bits and pieces. Story is great but please don't release a book every million years.

Dr. B