(book #2)
Status: released

The Frontier

Alexey Osadchuk

No one knows for certain what caused the Shadow to come into existence. Clerics say it was the gods laying a curse upon this world. Philosophers maintain that the Shadow of Strix is nothing short of a blessing and new milestone in human progress. But both sides agree that the Shadow will eventually swallow up this world and change it beyond recognition.

However, there are also the mages, and they think the whole debate is just so much hot air. They accept the Shadow as is with all its horrors and wonders. Furthermore, for the last several centuries, mages have risked their lives attempting to harness the Shadow’s Power for themselves.

Unsurprisingly, only a select few have access to knowledge about the Shadow’s magic. Max Renard understands that, so he chooses a different and more hazardous path. He decides to head for the frontier himself to experience the Shadow’s Power firsthand.

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Audiobook will be released July 4, 2023


Very good storytelling. Couldn’t put the book down. Great follow-up from the first book. MC was just as tough, as he was in the first book. What I really liked about this particular series are the short fight scenes. The author doesn’t spend 10 pages on one back-and-forth fight. This really enables great pacing. The only problem is that book 3 is 6 months away. Looking forward to it.


The Frontier is a great second book in Max/Dodger's story. If you like an intelligent MC, action, adventure, fantasy and magic with some humor thrown in, then I recommend giving the Last Life series a try. I don't like to give spoilers, but I will say that I think The Frontier is even better than the first book. I'm really looking forward to reading more books in this series as they come out.

Last Redherin

What a way to continue the story! No spoilers here but the flow is similar to the first one but the world building in immense! All get characters get their due and the protagonist values are spot on! I cannot wait for book 3 in September. I just wish the books were longer and not light novels length.


Good news, it's an exceptional story, one you will not want to put down. Bad news, it's not KU (but we'll worth the cost of the book) and we have to wait 6 months for the next installment. We have an engaging MC who is growing in stature and capability through more plot twists than I can count. This is an extraordinary read and you should start with book one. ENJOY!

Kindle Customer

A well written follow up for this fantastic series. The ongoing growth of the main character is very satisfying and the world building is first rate. I’m completely loving this series and very excited to read the next!

S. Gilbert