(book #4)
Status: released

A Game With No Rules

Michael Atamanov

The Empire is splitting at the seams. The Great Houses refuse to obey the Throne World and have begun to conduct increasingly independent politics. Sensing the weakness of the central government, even the most loyal star systems of the Imperial Core are refusing to take orders from above. Is this just a string of coincidences, or a coordinated campaign? 

Can a disjointed humanity rally around a strong leader to deflect an alien invasion? Who of the many figures in intergalactic politics can rise to this challenge? And is there a basis to the creeping rumors that some influential aristocrats have joined forces with the enemy and allied with the aliens?

This book will be the last in the series and will give the readers the answers to all their questions, including the most important of all: "What is Perimeter Defense?"

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Very good book and satisfying end to a great series!! I started reading it last night thinking I’d get a few chapters in before sleeping, ended up binge reading the whole thing in one go and stayed up all night! Since I don’t want to spoil it I’ll just say that anyone not enjoying it should atleast try to read the last chapter or two and the ending, make it worth it!

It is definitely epic! Great book on the level of the masters of fiction like "The Star Kings" of Edmond Hamilton or "Dune" of Franklin Herbert. So many plot lines opened in the previous books come together. And the ending is truly gorgeous! For the last two chapters three times radically change the perspective on what is happening, and still the epilogue, everything was different. It's a masterpiece!

Yet, the last 10% of the novel is worth the price of the novel by itself, if you’re a fan of the series. I won’t spoil exactly what happens but I’ll say that it was absolutely unexpected and changes the way to you look at the series. It’s really good.

The author continues to deliver fantastic stories and wraps up the threads nicely while leaving the door open for more. Recommended

I've read the whole series to date and it's one of my favorite lit rpg ones. I look forward to the next expansion. Thanks