(book #9)
Status: released

Glory to the Dominion!

Dan Sugralinov

Scyth, known in the Inferno as the tiefling Hakkar, decanus in the worst legion of them all, must gain an audience with Prince Belial to get his hands on the Coals of Hellflame.

His friends are also keeping busy: Crag, once more a member of the Awoken, heads to Terrastera to learn how to create a Rift to the Nether; Infect goes digging in the Lakharian Desert; Bomber speeds toward the underwater kingdom of the naga; Crawler strives to be the first in the world to build a magic tower up to five levels; Tissa and Irita focus on growing the clan; and new recruit Hiros must fight against his own demons.

In the meantime, the legates of the Destroying Plague gather an undead horde to march on Kharinza…

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loved the whole Inferno story arc and the few surprises here and there, the stakes keep getting higher on both sides, keep writing this books and I will keep buying them.


I really like the whole series. An interesting well-thought-out world, the MC is nice and generous, the characters are alive, the plot is very fascinating. I've read all the previous books avidly.

Darcy Norman

This series just keeps on giving with lots of twists, roll on book 10 It can’t come soon enough. Other books by the same author do not disappoint

stanley Russell

I am so happy to see what happened! I want more! How fast can you write? I am going to buy the next book in the series for sure! Thanks for sharing your imagination!

Kindle Customer

It keeps going and going. I guess we are closer to some sort of end but I have no idea. Still enjoying the ride