(book #2)
Status: released


Dan Sugralinov

A lazy and wussy ex-gamer, Phil becomes one of the few humans who receive a mysterious alien piece of wetware which allows them to see the world through an augmented-reality interface very similar to those used in a MMORPG game. Guided by its stats and messages, Phil begins to level up, gradually transforming himself and his life. He even opens his own business in order to help his friends and complete strangers who acquire a newfound respect for him, assisting him in his travails. As Phil continues on the road to self-improvement, guided by his own conscience rather than system messages, he tries to find out more about the mysterious third party which has bestowed such superhuman abilities upon him.

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The entirety of this book makes me think about Ghandalf telling Galandria how evil is held at bay by the small kindness that we each give to one another. This book is far more important than all the other LITRPGs out there. It takes a look at gaming which can be an incredibly selfish and time consuming pursuit and turns it on it's head. creating a positive social experience. It left me with a desire to do better for the people around me. 8 STARS!!!

Michael S. Morgan

Overall, this is a story that I found entrancing enough to read through in a single sitting. For some reason I just really like this story even more than book 1. Probably because it just jumps into the Real Life RPG stuff from the first chapter without having to do any setup. Score: 7.8 out of 10


Not sure about the very low reviews, but I got exactly what I expected from this book, along with nice surprises! Dan does a GREAT job of showing you the WHOLE character. He spends time delving into choices and I can agree this is a slice of life, but it is an AMAZING story. Not only is the originality incredible, but I can't count the number of times it made me think of my own life and scarily mirrored some of my own short comings and fears. Hats of to you SIR! Thank you again for an amazing book and I will be preordering the next one AS SOON AS I CAN!!

Amazon Customer

One of my favorite series in the genre. Really enjoyed this and am looking forward to the next book.


While some may find it a bit dry in places, let's remember that the story is based around the MC's life and life has it's slow dry moments. The action is good, the way the MC handles different problems is interesting, and he is a likable character. I'm already looking forward to book three.

Johnny Clark